For the knowledge we need.

The pace of research is accelerating, overwhelming our systems for scientific understanding and leading to confusion, misinformation and poor decisions. We are here to fix that.

Our Mission

To change the way the world creates and uses trustworthy knowledge
From health to climate to all of science, we are creating innovative ways for making sense of science. We are working with scientists and technologists the world over to find points of leverage that can tip the system toward more trustworthy, actionable knowledge.

Our work

If you want to make sense of science, do it scientifically

We make the creation of systematic reviews (accurate summaries of scientific knowledge) faster, easier and cheaper.

Covidence is our cornerstone product and the world’s leading evidence synthesis technology. It's used by over 300,000 researchers and students across thousands of organizations. Our community of ‘truthseekers’ is growing fast and we love accelerating their work - we’ve saved them 12 million hours already!

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Living Evidence

Science doesn’t stand still and nor should summaries of scientific knowledge
Conventional static summaries of science are often out-of-date and potentially inaccurate as soon as they’re published. To solve this we collaborated with some talented colleagues to create the ‘Living Evidence’ approach.
Living Evidence is a regularly updated online summary of scientific knowledge that is always up to date with the latest research - for the first time that means scientific knowledge that is both accurate and current.
We are thrilled to see this new approach take off around the world. For a deeper dive, check out our paper in Nature →

Our team

We are a passionate group of technologists, evidence geeks, growth whisperers and future builders working remotely across ANZ, US, UK and beyond
We love science and seeing our community create trustworthy knowledge from the deluge of scientific research. We love working with our partners, the world’s leading research groups and organisations in this space. But ultimately we love our impact. Indeed, being part of this team means you’re probably going to have more impact than an individual scientist.
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“Working in medical settings around the world, I have seen the best and the worst of healthcare. But across this incredible diversity one barrier is always present – poor access to trustworthy knowledge. 
Over the years, I have realized this goes well beyond healthcare – our society is flooded with opinion and misinformation. What we need desperately, to make informed decisions, is trustworthy and actionable knowledge based on the latest scientific research.”
Julian Elliott, Founder